Civil Litigation:

When you have an issue in which a civil lawsuit arises, you need a knowledgeable and proven civil law attorney in Illinois. At Storto & Finn, we have the expertise necessary to represent you in disputes against either another person or an organization. If you are a victim of civil law, we’ll fight to get you compensation from whoever harmed you.

We will also defend your rights against accusations or suits brought against you by others. Storto & Finn is a full service civil law office, with a reputation for aggressive negotiation in the settlement process and skillful advocacy should the matter require going to trial.

So if you need to file a civil lawsuit in Illinois against another party or organization, you need an experienced civil law firm to defend your rights. We have experience as counsel for both defendants and plaintiffs and our experience is your gain in deciding a civil attorney.

Call us at Storto & Finn to speak with one of our skilled civil lawyers today to get a qualified attorney on your side when you have a dispute to settle.







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